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4 Friends + Chrillee
Main information
Team tag 4FC
Country of origin Sweden
Active 2012 - 2013
Current roster Strangby (C)
GosuGamers profile 4 Friends + Chrillee

4FC is a Swedish professional Dota 2 team which was founded in 2012.

Team History

4FC entered the Dota 2 scene in early 2012. Their first participation at big events happened in March of that year. Those guys are real life friends, which were playing together back in DotA days, aswell as in HoN. The most notable results of this team are winning Fnatic Raidcall The Revenge #3, managing to end at the second place at StarLadder Pro Series Season 4 and getting the third spot at Thor Open 2012.[1]

4 Friends + Chrillee, a Swedish Dota 2 formed on the bond of their friendship has announced their disbandedment after forfeiting their game against Fnatic in Star Series VIII. According to Christopher 'Chrillee' Wåhlin, leader of 4FC, he stated that the team's motivation has started deteriorating since the departure of Sebastian 'Matrim' Sundström. They continued to play their Star Series games with Hannes 'Jussi' Kroatsso as a stand-in but they finally hit rock bottom when Alexander 'Blomberg' Blomberg said he lost his motivation as well.[2]


Current roster

Nickname Name Date of joining
Sweden-Flag.gif Strangby (C) Carl-Philip Strängby 2012-03
Sweden-Flag.gif Noez Alexander Blomberg 2012-03
Sweden-Flag.gif Chrillee Christopher Wåhlin 2012-03
Sweden-Flag.gif Eresloco Tobias Everhorn 2012-03
Sweden-Flag.gif Bomberg Mattias Jonsson 2012-03

Previous players

Nickname Name Date of joining Date of leaving New team after leaving

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
StarLadder Pro Series Season 4 0:2 League play $ 500
Thor Open 2012 2:1 Sweden-Flag.gif Pulse 10,000 SEK
Fnatic Raidcall The Revenge #3 2:0 Russia-Flag.gif iCCup € 500


VODs of 4FC

Replays of 4FC


  1. Video: Interview with 4FC.Strangby at DreamHack Winter 2012

Notable Matches

  1. 4FC vs Pulse - Thor '12 3rd place match decider
  2. 4FC vs aL - DreamHack Summer 2012
  3. 4FC vs NEXT.kz - GosuLeague Qualifier

References and links

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