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Main information
Real name Chen Zhihao
Country of origin China-Flag.gif China
Team NewBee
Former team(s) Nirvana.cn, TyLoo, Pandarea, TongFu, Invictus Gaming
Role Carry
Signature heroes Lone Druid icon.png Anti-Mage icon.png
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Chen 'Hao' Zhihao is a professional Chinese dota player.


Chen 'Hao' Zhihao, nicknamed General Hao by the Chinese community, is known to be one of the most aggressive players in the scene. Having joined teams such as Nirvana.cn, TyLoo, Pandarea and TongFu, Hao is no stranger to LAN competitions and is also known to be extremely fervent during matches. As a carry player, his urge to kill can be seen in game when he dives countless times for kills. His risky plays defines his character, and the polarizing rewards and setbacks from the outcome of his aggression can make or break the team.

WarCraft 3:DotA Career


Hao is no stranger in Chinese DotA community, he has played for many Chinese top teams. One of the very first for him was Nirvana.cn. He played together with many star players, such as Seaking, YaphetS, Ksssss and many more.

The WDC champions of 2010 were seen as strong contenders for the title of best team of 2010, and indeed, they did prove they were not to be underestimated by being the only team to win an official game over EHOME during SMM 2010. However, plagued by a series of defeats to mid-tier Chinese teams, not to mention the top teams, Nirvana.cn underwent huge roster changes in June of 2011.[1]

During the great Chinese reshuffle, the departure of Zhou and YaphetS to CCM and Team DK respectively was a heavy blow to the team under Loveen's sponsorship, an organization now known as OK.Nirvana after the company merger.

Now, it looked like Nirvana.cn was once again unsatisfied with its roster. It started with the dismissal of seasoned support player DGC, known internationally for his Enigma. Then, former Nirvana.cn player Insence announced his return, but this time, filling the role of manager instead of player.

Next, ex-Dream players xiao8 and 1821 expressed that they would be joining Nirvana.cn, followed by a report on Sgamer that Team DK's captain Ksssssss had left and went to Nirvana.cn as well. As if it were not enough, at the same time, star carry Seaking confirmed that he would be joining Nirvana.cn along with Super.

With now a nine-man roster, it was then announced that Nirvana.cn's original carry Hao and solo mid Crystal was leaving the team, the former making his way to TyLoo and the latter would fill in for LongDD in EHOME after he got dismissed. Seen by many as a sub par team after the departure of Zhou and YaphetS and their subsequent performances in both online and offline tournaments, the roster changes brought new hope for the declining team. Nirvana's roster back then: Seaking, Yueru (a.k.a Super), Ksssssss, xiao8, 1821, Banana (a.k.a HY) and Neo.

Dota 2 Career


As mentioned above, Hao decided to leave Nirvana.cn after the series of unconvincing results and instead joined another Chinese team TyLoo.

Often remembered as the team which pulled off wins against giants like CCM and LGD, TyLoo made it to the headlines after their impressive first standing at DotA Masters Tournament, WCG China and PLU Dota League season 1 followed by other commendable results in 2011.

Hao has also participated at The International #1 with this team. The line-up back then was: Ye 'Awoke' Liang (C), Zhao 'kabu' Kai, Xie 'DD' Bin, Chen 'Hao' Zhihao and Zhang 'GK' Wenli. However, their performance was really unsatisfying at this event. They were eliminated in Round 2 of Loser's Bracket by Thai team MiTH Trust.

Unfortunately, TyLoo was dealt the worst blow during the second Chinese Reshuffle where the core of Hao, DD, Awoke and Faith left the team, leaving Kabu behind to fend for himself. Soon after, TyLoo disbanded.[2]


Next station for Hao was another all Chinese team, Pandarea. From Nirvana.cn to Tyloo and now finally to PanDa gaming, Hao has seen his fair share of transfers. Since Benz got picked up by iG.Y, the team under PanDa had to cope with the loss of a key player. Today, they announced that Hao has officially joined the team.

Hao participated in The International #1 in Germany representing Tyloo but unfortunately, they crashed out early and went back empty handed. Nevertheless, he put up a respectable performance. Since he entered the scene, Hao has constantly proved that he was just as capable of competing with the other, arguably more renowned carries from his country. The line up was: HayabusA, yAobAi, WinD, Mu and Hao.[3]

But this run didn't lasted for too long, soon Nada and PanPan left the team in December 2011 and were replaced by 830God and SanSheng.[4] Due to a lack of funding, PanDarea Gaming has officially disbanded in April 2012.


TongFu was just one more Chinese team who was preparing for opening in Dota 2 with the addition of Panda players Hao, Mu and SanSheng. Close followers of the Chinese scene would have noticed more and more teams opening up to Dota 2 in early 2012.[5]

While Nada eventually settled back in PanDa, it seemed Hao, Mu and SanSheng had already decided to leave the team to join TongFu. Meanwhile, players 121 and Molu leave TongFu to make way for the new arrivals. The original roster was: Lamn (C), Kabu, Hao, Mu, SanSheng and 121.

Hao has made his second apperance at the biggest Dota 2 event, this time in Seattle. At The International #2 he has attended with his current team TongFu. The line up was: Chen 'Hao' Zhihao (C), Zhang 'Mu' Pan, Wang 'SanSheng' Zhaohui, Ye 'Awoke' Liang and Zhao 'Kabu' Kai. They've finished at respectable fifth place, after they got eliminated by another Chinese superhouse Team DK, with $ 25,000 prize in their pockets.

On 4th September 2013, TongFu and Invictus Gaming made a swap. Hao was sent to Invictus Gaming's direction, while Zhou is introduced as a new TongFu player.[6]

On 20th February 2014, Invictus Gaming announced that Hao has left the team and he was replaced by Luo.[7]


On 23rd February 2014, after a month of long hiatus, the much anticipated Chinese dream team has finally revealed itself to the entire world.[8] The roster consisted of: Ning 'Xiao8' Zhang, Zhi Hao 'Hao' Chen, Pan 'Mu' Zhang, Jian 'ZSMJ' Gong and Yang 'KingJ' Zhou.

Team History

Name Time of playing
China-Flag.gif Nirvana.cn 2011 / 2011
China-Flag.gif TyLoo 2011 / 2011
China-Flag.gif Pandarea 2011 / 2012
China-Flag.gif TongFu 2012 / 2013
China-Flag.gif Invictus Gaming 2013 / 2014
China-Flag.gif NewBee 2014 / -

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
The International 2014 3:1 China-Flag.gif Vici Gaming $ 5,028,308
ECL 2014 1:2 China-Flag.gif Team DK 30,000 RMB
WPC ACE Dota 2 League 2014 2:1 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 16,000
G League 2013 0:3 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 8,200
ECL 2013 2:0 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 16,300
WPC ACE Dota 2 League 2013 3:4 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 49,000


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
Fengyun Championship 2:0 China-Flag.gif LGD 5,000 RMB
Sina Cup Season 2 0:2 China-Flag.gif LGD 5,000 RMB
The International #3 1:2 Malaysia-Flag.gif Orange $ 201,208
Dota 2 Super League 3:0 China-flag.gif Team DK $ 81,103
AMD Premier League #1 3:0 Singapore-Flag.gif Zenith $ 3,000
G League 2012 0:3 Europe-flag.gif LGD.int $ 1,600


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
The International #2 0:1 China-flag.gif Team DK $ 25,000
The International #2 Qualifiers 3:0 China-flag.gif World Elite TI #2 Invite



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Notable Matches

  1. TongFu vs Zenith - AMD Premier League #1
  2. TongFu vs For.Love - G League 2012
  3. TongFu vs Evil Geniuses - The International #2

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