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Main information
Real name Daryl Koh Pei Xiang
Country of origin Singapore-Flag.gif Singapore
Team Team DK
Former team(s) mVp, KingSurf, AEON, Scythe.SG, MYM, Zenith
Role Solo Mid, Offline
Signature heroes Invoker-icon.png Naga Siren icon.png
Social media
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Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang is a professional Dota player from Singapore currently playing for Team DK.


iceiceice has been gaming for over a decade, beginning first in Warcraft III, as well as playing WC3 Dota competitively with MVP, KingSurf, and Aeon. With the development and release of StarCraft II, he moved on and simultaneously held the top spots in both the SEA and Taiwan StarCraft II servers. He also came in runner-up in the Blizzard SEA invitational, but moved on to Dota 2 when it was released.

He is an extremely well-known solo player, famous for his skill with Invoker and Naga Siren. He has played in every position over his career - from support to offlane to carry, which gives him a vast knowledge of the game. His wide range of heroes allows him to be a threat in every match, and he regularly tries to surprise his opponents by trying new builds on those heroes.

iceiceice is a former player on teams such as mVp, AEON, Kingsurf and Orange. He also participated in the first three editions of The International as a player for Scythe.SG in the first edition and Team Zenith in the next two.

WarCraft 3: DotA Career

iceiceice's DotA career officially started in 2005, when the game moved on to the 6.xx era. In those years, iceiceice played DotA competitively in a Singaporean team called mVp, being a major influence to the organization and attracting many sponsors through his excellent performance. This lead to Team DsD, the best DotA team at the time, expressing interest in signing iceiceice but the latter refusing, not wanting to leave mVp. Eventually, the two teams would merge and went on to be undefeated for eight months straight, which was enough for Zenith to grant them a sponsorship. iceiceice stayed together with this team for two years, after which he went on to new opportunities with names such as KingSurf and AEON, the latter formed around Lim Han Yong 'hyhy' Benedict, who would later be iceiceice's captain in several more teams.

iceiceice's path after continued with a newly formed team called Scythe.SG, which marked the start of his Dota 2 career.

The biggest achievement of iceiceice in his DotA career is a second place at SMM 2008.

Dota 2 Career

iceiceice's journey in Dota 2 started as got invited to The International. Even though the audience regarded them as a potential finalist, if not winner of the whole tournament, iceiceice and were upset by EHOME in the loser's final and dropped out of the tournament, having placed third in the final standings and earning a $150,000 prize.

During the post-International period, on September 11th Meet Your Makers picked up with their current roster back then consisting of Hyhy, iceiceice, Roy, Tofu, xy- and YamateH.[1] Six months later, the players demanded higher salaries which lead to the organization releasing the squad. Later on, in the official announcement given by MYM, they revealed that only hyhy was under the contract with this organization, while the other players, iceiceice included, weren't on official payroll.[2]

After the incident with MYM, iceiceice suggested to his teammates that they join up their forces once again under the flag of Team Zenith and on March 29th, Pei Xiang was introduced as a new member of the organization. This move would turn out to be a huge one for iceiceice's professional career and his good results were followed by an invitation to The International 2012. In August, iceiceice was back at Dota 2's biggest event in Seattle, where he took the fourth place of his group with eight victories and six losses.

Zenith's high finish in the group stages allowed them to start out in the Winner's Bracket where they met compLexity Gaming in the first round. The victory over the American roster would be followed by a loss to LGD, sending them to the Loser's Bracket. Unable to recover form after this loss, iceiceice and his boys were eliminated from the tournament by Team DK. iceiceice was nonetheless unable to overcome high expectations of him and his team, after he finished 5th at this event with $ 35,000 prize money.

In 2013, iceiceice once again received an invitation for the most prestigious Dota 2 event, The International 2013. However this time he didn't manage to get inside top 8 teams and win one of those prizes, but he still managed to win 1v1 Solo Tournament by defeating currently one of the best players in the world.

  • On 5th September 2013, iceiceice was introduced as a new player of Team DK.[3]

Team History

Name Time of playing
Singapore-Flag.gif mVp 2005 / 2005
Singapore-Flag.gif Zenith 2005 / 2008
Singapore-Flag.gif KingSurf 2008 / 2010
Singapore-Flag.gif 2010 / 2011
Singapore-Flag.gif 2011 / 2011
Singapore-Flag.gif MYM 2011 / 2012
Singapore-Flag.gif Zenith 2012 / 2013
China-Flag.gif Team DK 2013 / -

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
The International 2014 0:2 China-Flag.gif Vici Gaming $ 819,833
ECL 2014 2:1 China-Flag.gif NewBee 60,000 RMB
The Summit 2:3 USA-Flag.gif Evil Geniuses $ 25,600
WPC ACE Dota 2 League 2014 1:4 China-Flag.gif Invictus Gaming $ 48,000
StarLadder Season 9 3:0 Russia-Flag.gif Team Empire $ 85,000
Sina Cup Season 3 3:2 China-Flag.gif Vici Gaming 60,000 RMB
G League 2013 3:0 China-Flag.gif Invictus Gaming $ 33,000
ECL 2013 0:2 China-Flag.gif Invictus Gaming $ 3,200
WPC ACE Dota 2 League 2013 4:3 China-Flag.gif Invictus Gaming $ 163,000


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
Fengyun Championship 3:0 China-Flag.gif TongFu 60,000 RMB
MLG Columbus 2013 1:2 Europe-Flag.gif Speed Gaming $ 27,368
AMD Premier League #1 0:3 China-flag.gif TongFu $ 1,500
Flash DOTA2 League Season 2 2:1 Singapore-Flag.gif Netolic.SG $ 1,000
Flash DOTA2 League Season 1 2:0 Singapore-Flag.gif First Departure $ 1,000
GosuCup Asia IV 2:0 Singapore-Flag.gif First Departure $ 500


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
GosuCup Asia III 2:1 Thailand-Flag.gif MiTH Trust $ 500
The International 2012 0:1 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 35,000
It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia 3:0 China-Flag.gif LGD $ 1,000
Gigabyte Dota Masters 0:2 China-Flag.gif LGD $ 1,250
joinDOTA Masters IV 2:1 Australia-Flag.gif Absolute Legends € 500


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
The International 2011 1:2 China-Flag.gif EHOME $ 150,000



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Notable Matches

  1. Zenith vs coL - The International 2012
  2. vs EHOME - The International 2011
  3. vs MYM - The International 2011

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