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Main information
Real name Kuro Salehi Takhasomi
Country of origin Germany-Flag.gif Germany
Team Natus Vincere
Former team(s) World Eaters, Mousesports, KS.int, MYM, GGnet, PANZER, Virtus.Pro
Role Support
Signature heroes Rubick icon.png
Social media
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Kuro Salehi 'KuroKy' Takhasomi is an German Dota 2 player currently playing for team Natus Vincere.


A player with a rich history, KuroKy is already a legendary player. During his days with Kingsurf International, along with Puppey, he built an era of the game whereby their team was feared by every other team. Following the disbandment of Ks.int, the team became GGnet after some time but was unable to perform at the same level of play as before. When Puppey decided to leave for Na`Vi, KuroKy lead the team at The International #1 but performed poorly and soon left the scene. A series of short comebacks saw him playing with several teams but was unable to find the right home. With ComeWithMe not going to Seattle, KuroKy was the selected stand-in for Mousesports and his performances in the first games was consistent and steady. Therefore, KuroKy rediscovered his top form and had once again demonstrated his peak performances in Mousesports. After this run with the German organization, on 28th February 2013 he was picked up by Natus Vincere as the replacement of LighTofHeaveN.

WarCraft 3: DotA Career

World Eaters

KuroKy’s gaming career started back in WarCraft 3 days, almost seven years from 2013. His first experience at the professional scene was through a team called World Eaters. Soon after his debut with this team, they managed to secure the win at an event hosted by DotA-League.com.


KuroKy's stay with the German based organization can be split in two parts. One would be his journey back in DotA days and the second one would be in the new game's environment - Dota 2 days. In 2008, he joined mouz team for the first time.[1] The most significant achievement in those days with the Mouz' was winning the MYM Pride and defeating fearsome MYM squad. Soon after Drayich left the team, Puppey joined as a stand-in and this was the cause of a long friendship between KuroKy and Puppey. They've shared some days together in Mousesports but the true journey has started with KingSurf International.

KingSurf International

This team was founded in 2008 by renaming the Russian team Virtus.Pro to KS.int. Originally this team included players such as Vigoss, NS and LighTofHeaveN. But, after the departure of NS and LighTofHeaveN the team brought in replacements - KuroKy and Miracle. KuroKy was united once again with Puppey under the new flag and they started building something which still is remembered as one of the best DotA teams from that era. This team managed to take home countless achievements by winning many major tournaments and leaving their signature deep into the history of DotA. However the journey ended in 2009.[2]


Following the disbandment of KS.int, KuroKy has tried his luck with one of the strongest teams in the DotA scene - MYM. However this was a short run and he has moved on searching for a new home.[3]

Dota 2 Career


After his tries with Blight.int and OK.Nirvana.int, KuroKy has decided to try and build a respectable team under the GosuGamers' flag. This team consisted of his teammates back from the Mousesports' days.

With this team, he has managed to get the ticket for the most prestigious Dota 2 event - The International. KuroKy was the captain of this team and his teammates were: Jesper Tomas 'Miracle' Nyhlén, Nikolay 'Azen' Belyakov, Rene 'Kebap' Werner and Roman 'rmN' Paley. All those names are very familiar for everyone who was closly following the DotA and Dota 2 scene.

However, KuroKy did not manage to leave a significant mark at the event, because GGnet got eliminated in the Round 1 of Loser's bracket by Thai power-house MiTH Trust. KuroKy left and the team disbanded.


Russian superteam Virtus.Pro announced their comeback to Dota 2 scene during the start of 2012. Soon after they picked up KuroKy for their new line up.[4] He was excited to play with the new team after his break from the competetive playing, however his stay was a short within this team.


The next stop was with all-German team called PANZER. He was re-united here with his teammate from GGnet's days - Roman 'rmN' Paley and a few more German's star players which will be soon after his new teammates in Mousesports.


As it was already said above in the text, KuroKy's stay in this German organizaiton can be split in two parts, so this would be the second one. After ComeWithMe failed to receive a visa for United States and The International #2, KuroKy was brought in as a temporary stand-in for this big event.[5] However after his good performance, the organization has decided to keep him as a permanent player. Soon after his joining and departure of ComeWithMe and 1437, KuroKy managed to get the captain's flag and to start building up a new team under his wings. This roster had it's up and downs, but mostly was showing a good performance, without winning any major tournaments.[6]

Natus Vincere

Once again, KuroKy got a chance to play alongside his old friend Puppey, this time under the flag of the most respectable Dota 2 team - Ukrainian powerhouse Natus Vincere.[7]

KuroKy left Mousesports to replace LighTofHeaveN who was going inactive for two months. KuroKy has shown interest in joining Na`Vi in the past. In an interview last year he admired the team’s skill and said that is the kind of team which appeals to him. Since then KuroKy has been featured in several interviews singing praises to Puppey. In an interview from early 2012, he was asked why is he not playing competitively and his answer was: "Realistically, all teams besides Na'Vi don't provide the skill level I am interested in". He added, "I'm not looking for some top eight placements".

So this time, his wishes came true and he will be fighting for the top achievements with his current team.

Team History

Name Time of playing
Europe-Flag.gif World Eaters 2006 / 2008
Germany-Flag.gif Mousesports 2008 / 2008
Europe-Flag.gif KS.int 2008 / 2009
Europe-Flag.gif Blight.int 2009 / 2009
Europe-Flag.gif OK.Nirvana.int 2009 / 2010
Europe-Flag.gif GosuGamers 2010 / 2011
Russia-Flag.gif Virtus.Pro 2012 / 2012
Germany-Flag.gif PANZER 2012 / 2012
Germany-Flag.gif Mousesports 2012 / 2013
Ukraine-Flag.gif Natus Vincere 2013 / -

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
D2L Western Challenge 0:3 USA-Flag.gif Evil Geniuses $ 19,500
The Summit 0:2 USA-Flag.gif Evil Geniuses $ 10,200
Dota 2 Champions League Season 2 3:1 Int-Flag.gif Cloud 9 $ 62,500
XMG Captains Draft Invitational 1:3 Europe-Flag.gif Fnatic $ 10,000
StarLadder Season 8 3:1 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 61,000


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
RaidCall EMS One Fall 1:2 Europe-Flag.gif Fnatic $ 4,000
DreamLeague Kick-off Season 3:0 Europe-Flag.gif Fnatic $ 25,000
MLG Columbus 2013 1:2 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 13,684
WePlay Season 2 3:2 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 13,000
StarLadder #7 3:2 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 12,000
The International #3 2:3 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 632,370
The Defense #4 3:1 Europe-Flag.gif Kaipi $ 12,000
Alienware Cup 3:2 China-Flag.gif LGD $ 25,000
WePlay League #1 1:2 USA-Flag.gif Evil Geniuses $ 1,200
RaidCall EMS One 2:1 Russia-flag.gif RoX.KIS $ 12,000
jD Masters XI 2:0 Europe-flag.gif Kaipi $ 1,500
Techlabs Cup 0:1 Belarus-Flag.gif iCCup $ 1,500
Bigpoint Battle #2 2:1 USA-Flag.gif Team Liquid € 1,500


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
GosuLeague Season #4 4-2-1 League play $ 1,000



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Notable Matches

Feel the skill: Rubick by Kuroky

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