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Main information
Real name Airat Gaziev
Country of origin Russia
Team Team Empire
Former team(s) OSI, Moscow 5, Team Empire, DD.dota, Quantic
Role Support, Ganker
Signature heroes Bane icon.png Jakiro icon.png
Social media
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Airat 'Silent' Gaziev is a Russian player of Team Empire.


Airat 'Silent' Gaziev has started playing Dota five years ago, but M5 isn't his first professional team. Before M5 he used to be a captain of another Russian team OSI.

Although Silent had a history of playing in the carry and semi-carry roles for M5 (and playing them well), Silent has also evolved into a support player, and a reliable one at that. Though he hasn't been playing at Dota's top table for very long, in the short time he's been here, Silent has displayed his talent with a multitude of heroes in different roles, such as Shadow Demon, Leshrac, Chaos Knight, and Morphling. In a team that picks heroes to fit the (almost guaranteed to be aggressive!) strategy first, and players second, Silent's versatility and wide array of heroes he is proficient with more than makes up for his relative lack of competitive experience.

Speaking of Silent, we can freely say that he has enough experience for one professional DotA player. Although he hasn't changed a lot of teams in his Dota Career, both in DotA 1 and Dota 2.

WarCraft 3: DotA Career

Ochen' Sil'no Igraem

Silent has started his DotA Career with a full Russian team called OSI. OSI is a team known by LAN-experience, so Silent has had a really good start of his gaming career with this squad. Their roster has consisted of: Marat 'Kas5er' Gaziev, Airat 'Silent' Gaziev, Rustem 'Zbest' Suhov, Grigoriy 'Bambuk', Pogorelskiy and Aleksandr 'KyKy' Mineev. With this team he was trying to conquer ASUS twice, but was not lucky enough, but in June 2012 he won eSports Universe, overcoming old M5 roster.

Dota 2 Career

Moscow 5

As many other professional players, Silent has made a switch from DotA 1 to Dota 2 aswell. His first team in Dota 2 was another Russian squad called Moscow Five.[1] Silent's run in M5 was a quite long one. He has sticked to this team for a quite long. Originally the line-up was: Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov, Vadim 'Bloodangel' Trushkin, Airat 'Silent' Gaziev, Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev and Dmitrii 'Inmate' Filinov, but Inmate refused to play at the competitive level further on, since he couldn't dedicate enough time for the team and practice, so therefore he was replaced in May, 2012 with Igor 'Admiration' Kalnysh.[2] The notable moment of his career is deffinetely participation at The International 2 in 2012, with Moscow Five Team. Although they didn't had really good results at this event, still he has earned an incredible LAN experience which will help him through new challenges in his further gaming career. At the start, he had a small problems with getting the Visa for United States, but later on he has managed to get it and travel to Seattle.[3] Later on, after The International 2, it was announced that [[Moscow_5}Moscow Five]] is disbanding[4] and that Silent will team up with former Darer players, Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko and Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov, to join Team Empire team.[5]

Team Empire

It was already previously known that the post-Seattle/The International 2 scene would be a different one than how the competitive landscape looked until the end of August. Many organizations already announced their roster changes and the next one waiting in line is Team Empire. The Russian team picks up two former players of the recently disbanded team Darer and throws in Silent (formerly Moscow 5) to forge their new lineup with the only two players remaining of their former roster - Scandal and Blowyourbrain. Departure of Maksim 'Jackal' Doroschenok, Andrey 'Alwayswannafly' Bondarenko and Aleksey 'j4' Lipay from Team Empire was announced and the new lineup consisted of: Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko, Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov, Vladislav 'Blowyourbrain' Morozyuk, Roman 'Scandal' Sadotenkov and Airat 'Silent' Gaziev.[6]

Team Empire was one of the best surprises of 2012 in Dota 2 Scene. They had a respectful results at every tournament they've participated in. So therefore they've even been nominated for the team of year for 2012 by in their GosuAwards.[7]

Looking at the statistics of all his official games for Team Empire he has played mostly Chen and Jakiro. Chen was played 39 times with the 22 wins out of it and Jakiro 24 games with 75% of win - 18 won games. Looking at his Assists, with Chen he is hitting 8,9 Assists average in 39 games with him, following it with Jakiro's 13 Assists in 24 games. He was mostly playing Support role, as that position is his main one.


On 29th April of 2013, it was officially announced that BABARRR and BLR will take a departure from the team and they will be replaced by ex Team Empire duo, Goblak and Silent.[8]

On 28th August 2013, it was officially announced that Silent will be leaving team Quantic to join for a second time Team Empire.[9]

Team History

Name Time of playing
Russia-Flag.gif OSI 2011 / 2011
Russia-Flag.gif Moscow Five 2012 / 2012
Russia-flag.gif Team Empire 2012 / 2013
France-Flag.gif DD.dota 2013 / 2013
France-Flag.gif Quantic 2013 / 2013
Russia-flag.gif Team Empire 2013 / -

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
ESP Shock Therapy Cup 0:3 USA-Flag.gif SADBOYS $ 2,000
CIS Carnage 2014 2:1 Russia-Flag.gif Relax $ 2,500


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
WePlay Season 2 1:2 USA-Flag.gif Team Liquid $ 2,000
StarLadder #7 0:2 Ukraine-Flag.gif Natus Vincere $ 3,000
DH Summer 2013 1:2 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 10,000
TI 3 WEST Qualifier 1:3 Germany-Flag.gif Mousesports TI 3 Wild Card
RaidCall Dota 2 League #2 0:2 USA-Flag.gif Team Liquid $ 2,000
StarLadder Season #5 1:2 Europe-flag.gif Fnatic $ 1,000
Techlabs Cup 2:1 Belarus-Flag.gif iCCup $ 5,000
The Premier League #3 3:0 Russia-flag.gif Virtus.Pro $ 3,000


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
StarLadder Season #4 1:3 Ukraine-flag.gif Natus Vincere $4,000
GosuLeague Season #5 11-3 League $1,500
ASUS Open 2012 2:0 Russia-flag.gif Virtus.Pro $6,000
DreamHack Winter 2012 0:2 Sweden-Flag.gif NoTidehunter 25,000 SEK
RC Dota 2 League #1 3:1 USA-Flag.gif Evil Geniuses $5,000
joinDOTA Special Masters II 2:0 Ukraine-flag.gif Natus Vincere $1,000
StarLadder Season #3 Finals 1:3 Ukraine-flag.gif Natus Vincere €3,000
StarLadder Season #3 14-11 League $6,000


Notable Matches

  1. Quantic vs Alliance - DH Summer 2013 Grand Finals

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