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Main information
Real name WehSing Yuen
Country of origin Netherlands
Team Cloud 9
Former team(s) Mousesports, Zero, The GD B-Team, QPAD, Kaipi, Speed Gaming
Role Solo Mid, Hardcarry
Signature heroes Mirana Kunkka
Social media
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WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen is a Dutch Dota 2 player and currently a member of Cloud 9.


WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen is one of the most popular players in the scene. He has gained a huge fanbase for his entertaining personality and in-game dominance. SingSing is famous for his risky plays, and heroes such as Rubick, Shadow Shaman, and Kunkka in the midlane. Known for his unorthodox plays in public games, SingSing incorporates certain elements into the competitive scene, such as valuing Kunkka as a viable pick, which has worked out well for his previous teams. He is currently playing in Cloud 9 in roles alternating between mid and carry.

WarCraft 3: DotA Career

SingSing, same as many other pro players, has tried himself out in other games such as Heroes of Newearth and StarCraft II (playing as Zerg), but he has also played DotA 1. Anyway, his shiny days have came along with his Dota 2 gaming career.

Dota 2 Career

Mousesports, GD B-Team and Zero

When he got the access to Dota 2, SingSing has started to play pubs and he was one of the first streamers as well. His weird way of playing in pubs and his unique and goofy character have attracted many viewers and soon he became a very famous pubs player.

Reaching a pubstar status, SingSing didn't want to stop there, soon after in December of 2011, his team EBIN was picked up by Mousesports organization.[1] This team consisted of former Heroes of Newearth players from all over the Europe. They had a Finish duo Antti Sakari 'Rexi' Saarenpää and Kalle 'Trixi' Saarinen, also one German player Mirsad 'DeMeNt' Djokovic and a captain from Norwey, Visar 'twiSta' Zymberi.

This roster wasn't as successful, and the only notable performance was when they managed to get a fourth place at Star Championship where they've lost to Moscow Five with the score of 2-0.

After big roster changes, SingSing was the only remaining player from the original roster. With the new team mates, he has succefully earned a sport for The International 2012, after firstly being placed as substitute team and then beating World Elite, when MUFC eSports had issue to show up at this event.[2]

Post International fiasco also struck this German organization. The team has its spot for the LAN Finals of StarLadder Season 3, however the organization split ways with the players as a roster change was about to ensue. Later, they were sponsored by GD Studio to travel and show up at the Kiev. After the event, the team renamed itself to Zero.

In November 2012, SingSing left team Zero as he disagreed with the team's motivation and in February of 2013 he formed a new squad around him and Swedish player Wagamama.[3]

QPad Red Pandas

QPad Red Pandas were founded in February 2013. The team was gathered around Swedish player Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström and Holland's superstar WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen.[4] Two famous European players who had split ways with their former teams appear again in a Dota 2 team, this time together. In a new team, SingSing and Wagamama will be the captains while James '2GD' Harding will be managing the team.

SingSing ending up in a 2GD-managed team is not surprising: ever since the GD B-Team times of team mousesports, James Harding has put WehSing Yue under his wings, still hoping he would get a good team again. Wagamama, previously playing for team Pulse eSports, gives the QPAD Pandas a Swedish base.

Alongside SingSing and Wagamama, four 'trialing members' have been announced: ComeWithMe, who already played together with SingSing in mousesports until The International 2012, Mini, also a former Pulse-member, as well as EGM from Sweden and NotAHax from Finland.[5]

At the end of February, it was officially announced that ComeWithMe and NotAHax, both have been dropped from the team, also EGM has left to join a Swedish team NoTidehunter, and that Mini was officially promoted to the full member of QPad Red Pandas.[6]

On the 3rd March, 2013 QPad Red Pandas finally unveiled their official roster, after keeping the community in much suspense over the last few weeks. The team will officially be adding JerAx and SeleCT into the team. [7]

SingSing and Wagamama both occupy the role of the captain and co-captain but in light of recent results, SingSing has taken on the role of the drafter. In addition to that, SingSing has transitioned from the solo mid role he got so renowned for and now plays the hardcarry, whereas Wagamama plays on the offlane again. The team has just recently dropped out of the qualifiers for The International 2013 and will therefore miss the event.[8]


On 15th August 2013, Arteezy has decided to leave competitive playing because of his commitments to the school[9], two day later SingSing has been officialy added to the roster.[10]

On 19th September 2013, RattleSnake organization decided to pick up Kaipi and form their International squad.[11] The line up was gathered around EternaLEnVy and it also included pieliedie, SingSing, Aui_2000, and B0ne7.

Cloud 9

On February 10th 2014, Speed Gaming roster was picked up by Cloud 9[12] The line up remained the same EternaLEnVy, pieliedie, SingSing, Aui_2000, and B0ne7.

Team History

Name Time of playing
Germany-Flag.gif Mousesports 2011 / 2012
Germany-Flag.gif The GD B-Team 2012 / 2012
Germany-Flag.gif Team Zero 2012 / 2012
Europe-Flag.gif QPad Red Pandas 2013 / 2013
Europe-Flag.gif Kaipi 2013 / 2013
Europe-Flag.gif Speed Gaming 2013 / 2014
Int-Flag.gif Cloud 9 2014 / -

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
DreamLeague Season 1 2:3 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 41,500
Dota 2 Champions League Season 2 1:3 Ukraine-Flag.gif Na'Vi $ 30,750
MLG T.K.O. America 1:5 Round Robin (W/L) $ 4,500
Monster Energy Invitational 2:3 USA-Flag.gif Evil Geniuses $ 3,000
Dota 2 Champions League 0:3 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 15,000


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
MLG Columbus 2013 2:1 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 68,420
SK Gaming Trophy #1 3:2 Denmark-Flag.gif Absolute Legends $ 1,000


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
StarLadder Season 3 0:2 Russia-flag.gif Team Empire $ 2,500
The Defense Season 2 1:3 Russia-flag.gif compLexity Gaming 2,500 €
GosuLeague Season 2 4-2-1 League play $ 1,000
DH Summer 2012 2:0 Sweden-Flag.gif CLG 25,000 SEK
The GD Studio #1 2:1 Sweden-Flag.gif CLG $ 1,000
The GD Studio Pilot 1:0 USA-Flag.gif Team Dignitas $ 500
StarLadder Season 2 0:3 Ukraine-flag.gif Natus Vincere $ 3,000


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
Star Championship 0:2 Russia-Flag.gif Moscow Five $ 1,500



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Notable Matches

  1. mouz vs Na`Vi in Star Ladder Star Series Season 2 Finals
  2. mouz vs mTw at DH Summer 2012
  3. mouz vs CLG at The Defense #2
  4. mouz vs compLexity Gaming at The Defense #2

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