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Speed Gaming
Speed Gaming.png
Main information
Team tag Speed Gaming
Country of origin Europe
Active 2013-09-19 - 2014-02-10
GosuGamers profile RattleSnake.int

RattleSnake is an eSports organization, which has a two professional Dota 2 teams. One is based in China, while the other one is in Europe under the name of Speed Gaming.

Team History

On 19th September 2013, RattleSnake organization decided to pick up Kaipi and form their International squad.[1] The line up was gathered around EternaLEnVy and it also included pieliedie, SingSing, Aui_2000, and B0ne7.

In an attempt to create a unique identity for themselves in the Dota 2 community, RattleSnake.int squad has decided to rename themselves into Speed Gaming. From now on, they will have a separated colors and banner from Rattlesnake China.[2]

On February 10th 2014, Speed Gaming roster was acquired by Cloud 9.[3]


Current roster

Nickname Name Date of joining

Previous players

Nickname Name Date of joining Date of leaving New team after leaving
Canada-Flag.gif EternaLEnVy (C) Jacky Mao 2013-09-19 2014-02-10 Cloud 9
Romania-Flag.gif b0ne7 Pittner Armand 2013-09-19 2014-02-10 Cloud 9
Netherlands-Flag.gif SingSing WehSing Yuen 2013-09-19 2014-02-10 Cloud 9
Sweden-Flag.gif pieliedie Johan Åström 2013-09-19 2014-02-10 Cloud 9
Canada-Flag.gif Aui_2000 Kurtis Ling 2013-09-19 2014-02-10 Cloud 9

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
Dota 2 Champions League 0:3 Sweden-Flag.gif Alliance $ 15,000
MLG Columbus 2013 2:1 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 68,420



Notable Matches

  1. Speed Gaming vs Team DK - MLG Columbus 2013 Grand Finals

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