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Main information
Full name Toby Dawson
Country of origin Australia
Age July 24, 1985 (age 27)
GosuGamers profile TobiWan
Social media
Stream TobiWan
Twitter TobiWanDOTA
Facebook TobiWanDOTA
Video Archive TobiWanDOTA and joinDOTA

Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson is Australian Dota 2 Caster, employed by joinDOTA.


Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson is the only joinDOTA featured caster and has broad experience from casting high profile events, such as The International, DreamHack, The Defense and many others, both offline and online. He may be described as the "electric" commentator of the Dota 2 scene. Most famous for his signature Black Holes, he's always made watching Dota 2 a great experience. Dedication, passion, perseverance, Tobi has it all. He has gained a big following of fans, tuning in to his daily streams.

Moving from Australia to Germany

Originally, Toby is from Australia, but after building his name up in the broadcasting scene, he got a job offer to work with joinDOTA, and therefore he has left the borders of Australia and on June 10th he arrived to his new home - Berlin, Deutschland (Germany). His own words about the move: "This will let me focus full time on eSports and the world of DOTA and give you more content than you dreamed of."[1]

Making guides for the newcomers

Toby has, together with many other professional casters, helped with the guides for the newcomers to Dota 2 world. He appeared in a show called Live On Three. His goals for the appearance in the show were: "The only thing I wanted to achieve is helping people who are not part of a DOTA community understand what the world is all about, and to do it in a way that reflects well on the DOTA world, so without spite and in a manner that is respectful to everyone."[2]

Making The Defense

Within the time, Toby got more tied to joinDOTA, and they built up an event together called - The_Defense. He was even asked a few times, if there were any plans for having the finals of The Defense as an offline event, but he rejected it saying: ""Offline events are just too expensive. Freaks4U has success with online tournaments and will probably stick to that. This also rejects hopes for offline finals for the anticipated second edition of The Defense." But, this didn't stop him from making awesome results with the number of viewers and followers, he reached a record in The_Defense games of 30.000 viewers.[3]

Toby is also known for his usage of known co-casters, mostly the star players, such as Puppey, syndereN and KuroKy[4] etc. He is also famous for making special shows for his viewers, such as karaoke shows, singing with his co-workers etc.[5]

Toby is best known for his ability to hype up the atmosphere of a particular game with his incredible fluctuation of intonation. However, he is consistently plagued by his lack of knowledge of the game, and this is evident by his inability to understand the skill sets of heroes. A classic example was when he asked: "Where is the hero" when Chen casted "Test of Faith" on his teammate.

Visiting the Valve's office

Worth mentioning is that Toby was the only caster invited directly by Valve to visit them at their headquarters. He flew over to Seattle to spend a week working with them and was impressed with the things which he saw there:

"I met the whole crew at Valve and spent a lot of time with the development team of Dota 2 (played some games on the internal client as well). It is amazing to see the creation process of all the different stages of the development of the game, and not only the talent of the staff but the vibe and energy they have and how the put that into their work. These people love Dota 2, they love their job, and I am sure we all feel that passion with each patch released."

He also was nominated for the best caster for 2012 in our GosuAwards. As expected, he was the community winner with 48.2% of their votes, leaving LD as runner up with 26.1% votes.[6]

If you would like to follow him, check up his stream and make sure that you don't miss any of his casts.




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