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Main information
Real name Ivan Shinkarev
Country of origin Russia
Former team(s) Virtus.Pro, DTS,, Rush3d,, Team A, Team Y, Absolute Legends, M5, The Retry, Lions Pride, Team Empire
Role Solo Mid
Signature heroes Night Stalker icon.png Queen of Pain icon.png Mirana icon.png
Social media
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Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev is an Russian Dota 2 player currently playing for team Team Empire.


'The King of Gankers' is not a title so easily obtained, but for his brave and ballsy 'kill-at-all-costs' style during his time with Virtus.Pro way back in the days, it was the title awarded to Vigoss by his legions of fans. Nowadays, the King might not quite be the all-conquering force he once was, but he still likes to live up to his legacy, and it's not at all uncommon to see him ganking anyone, anywhere, at any time. If you see Vigoss diving past towers or into crowds of enemies for kills, don't count him out no matter how insurmountable the odds might seem – he wasn't crowned the King for nothing.

WarCraft 3: DotA Career


Vigoss’s gaming career started back in WarCraft 3 days, almost seven years ago. His first experience at the professional scene was through his first team called Virtus.Pro. Soon after his debut with this team, they've managed to secure three consecutive wins at MYM Pride. This period still remains as deep marked in his gaming career. He was well-known for his agressive style of playing and his perfect ganks. Simply he was pushing the limits with any hero which was given to him by Jolie, team captain of Virtus.Pro back in those days.[1] After one year, in 2007 he won the title of GotFrag eSports' top 10 DotA players list.

KingSurf International

This team was founded in 2008 with renaming the Russian team Virtus.Pro to Originally this team has included players such as Vigoss, NS and LighTofHeaveN. But, after the departure of NS and LighTofHeaveN the team has brought in replacements - KuroKy and Miracle.


Following the merge of with Wolker Gaming, Vigoss has decided to leave that team and join another CIS team - DTS. However this was a short run and he has moved on searching for a new home only after a short period. The reasion behind this decision was that DTS was unable to find a stable roster for Farm For Fame 4.

Once again Vigoss has joined this elite squad, in late 2008. He has brought back his agressive style of playing to this team, leading them to many victories. Howevery, rumours have spread around that he will be leaving the team in the early 2009, which was in fact the truth. He has permanently left this team in March.


The next try was with team Rush3d, but same as before he didn't stayed for too long in this team. Moreover, he has decided to go inactive and stop playing Dota in order to devote himself to poker. This break lasted for one year.

After one year of break, Vigoss has made a return with European squad, in September 2010. He wasn't the permanent member of this team, but the temporary stand-in, after Miracle's departure.

Team A

On 4th April, 2011, it was officially announced that new team is joining at the Dota pro scene.[2] A Team was featuring old familiar faces along with some of the best from the European scene. The team had killer potential as it just features some the best players. Roster consisted of: Ylli 'garter' Ramadani, Suchkov 'Vein' Andrey, Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev, Kevin 'Kev' Stegeman, Florin 'Freezer' Stoica and Sebastian 'RMP' Toader.

Dota 2 Career

Moscow 5

After his tries with many teams, Vigoss has decided to try and settle down with Russian based organization - Moscow Five. In the aftermath of the exceptionally wealthy Dota 2 tournament at the gaming trade fair Gamescom - The International #1, M5 present themselves eager to force success with change. In order to raise the level of play, Russian household names Sergey 'ARSART' Revin and Alexander 'Santa' Coltan are to get ousted by Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov and Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev, who both achieved legendary status in the world of DotA, yet especially within the Russian communities. The roster consisted of: Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov, Andey 'Dread' Golubev, Sergey 'God' Bragin, Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov and Ivan 'vigoss' Shinkarev.[3]

The Retry, Team Y and Lions Pride

After his departure from Moscow Five, Vigoss has been seen playing for PGG's team The Retry, same as for the Team Y, which was later picked up by Absolute Legends organization. But both of those runs were short for him. However later on he has tried his luck with another Russian team - Lions Pride, however in February 2013 he has decided to leave them as well.[4]

Team Empire

In March 2013, it was officially announced that Vigoss is joining Team Empire as the replacement of Funn1k who has left the team to join Natus Vincere.[5] Team Empire lost their off-laner, Gleb 'Funn1k' Lepatnikov in a trade with Natus Vincere late last month. With the team participating in four online tournaments at the same time, Empire had to quickly find someone to play as a stand-in in order for them to keep their lead in most of these tournaments.

Empire turned to former Lions Pride player, Vigoss. Vigoss left Lions Pride on the 15th of February, just a few days short from Na`Vi's big announcement. Vigoss was a free agent for about two weeks before he started playing as a stand-in for Empire on a nightly basis.

Statement by Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev:

"Start of my journey in Dota2 wasn't very succesful and maybe most of fans remember Vigoss that long gone. But here, in new ambitious team, I should do a tremendous amount of work at self-improvement. Support me and the team, because your cheering is very important for every player. And in gratitude, I will try to show a good level of gaming and make a contribution to the teamplay. Thank you, Team Empire for my new cyber sports house!"

Team History

Name Time of playing
Europe-Flag.gif Virtus.Pro 2006 / 2008
Europe-Flag.gif 2008 / 2008
Ukraine-Flag.gif DTS 2008 / 2008
Russia-Flag.gif Rush3d 2009 / 2009
Europe-Flag.gif 2010 / 2011
Europe-Flag.gif Team A 2011 / 2011
Russia-Flag.gif Moscow Five 2011 / 2011
Russia-Flag.gif The Retry 2011 / 2011
Europe-Flag.gif Team Y 2011 / 2011
Europe-Flag.gif Absolute Legends 2012 / 2013
Russia-Flag.gif Lions Pride 2012 / 2013
Russia-Flag.gif Team Empire 2013 / 2013
Europe-Flag.gif Street Magic 2013 / 2013

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
RaidCall Dota 2 League #2 0:2 USA-Flag.gif Team Liquid $ 2,000
StarLadder Season #5 1:2 Europe-flag.gif Fnatic $ 1,000
Techlabs Cup 2:1 Belarus-Flag.gif iCCup $ 5,000
The Premier League #3 3:0 Russia-flag.gif Virtus.Pro $ 3,000



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