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Main information
Team tag Zenith
Country of origin Singapore
Active December 2012 - September 2013
GosuGamers profile Zenith

Zenith is Singaporean based organization. Founded in September 2012, they are currently one of the top SEA Dota 2 teams.

Team History

The legacy of Team Zenith goes back a long way. The original Team Zenith was under the clan mVp in the last quarter of 2005. In August 2006, they were christened Team Zenith, sponsored by HP and AMD. Currently, Team Zenith is a Dota 2 team led by iceiceice.

The original Team Zenith was originally under the clan mVp in the last quarter of 2005. When DotA moved on to the 6.xx era, Team DsD (one of the best DotA teams in Singapore during that era) wanted to take iceiceice from his clan mVp. However, since iceiceice could not leave his clan, the members of DsD went over to join mVp instead.

In August 2006, they were christened Team Zenith, sponsored by HP and AMD after a great display of results in various tournaments. They won all of CPL Asia, all 4 seasons of CAPL and attained consecutive championships in the Rapture Gaming League.

Team Zenith won the ESWC 2008 in Paris, after which they disbanded. Most of Team Zenith's core players played under the name tag Scythe.SG, which came in 3rd place during The International 2011.

After the good performance at The International 2011, Scythe.SG was picked up by team MeetYourMakers. However, in 2012, disputes between MYM and the team led to the disbandment of MYM.SG in around late February to early March. iceiceice suggested to reform under the team name Zenith.


Current roster

Nickname Name

Previous players

Nickname Name
Singapore-Flag.gif iceiceice Daryl Koh Pei Xiang
Singapore-Flag.gif xy- Toh Wai Hong
Singapore-Flag.gif xFreedom Nicholas Kelvin Ileto Lim
Malaysia-Flag.gif YamateH Ng Wei Poong
Malaysia-Flag.gif Ice Chua Chee Cai
Sweden-Flag.gif Loda Jonathan Berg
Singapore-Flag.gif Hyhy Benedict Lim Han Yong
Singapore-Flag.gif Roy Royston Chee Jin Sheng
Singapore-Flag.gif Chawy Wong Xing Lei
Singapore-Flag.gif DraKaN Jaryl Quek Wee Yan
Singapore-Flag.gif ToFuBoi Joshua Tan Jun Liang

Dota 2 Achievements


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
AMD Premier League #1 0:3 China-flag.gif TongFu $ 1,500


Date Place Event Result of Final Prize
The International 2 0:1 China-Flag.gif Team DK $ 35,000
It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia 3:0 China-Flag.gif LGD $ 1,000
Gigabyte Dota Masters 0:2 China-Flag.gif LGD $ 1,250
joinDOTA Masters IV 2:1 Australia-Flag.gif Absolute Legends € 500

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